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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

WOYWW #163 - Quiet Week???

Hi Wyggers... another WOYWW has raced round again... where has the year disappeared to?? Anyway, it's time to snoop and spy on the desks of the world, courtesy of our dear leader, Julia at Stamping Ground. What would we do without this session each week ? I know I would be lost!!!
The lamp is on; the new book is coming along; the paper is strokeable; and fairly tidy thinks you??!! Well reasonable to say I am working on something...

Anyway, dear reader, what are happed chez vous this week?? !! I would LOVE to have no news to tell you... mum is mostly settled, my pains are about the same ( but what's new?? -well I have a date to have them injected again on 26th July!!! YEY!!) New car is FAB etc etc... The boys came for a sleepover at the weekend, and the 6 year old, Matthew, announced in the morning that there were "drippy drops of water from the ceiling, Nannar!!" Oops and he was not wrong!!So leaky flat roof had to be done post haste!!! Will the disasters ever stop??? Well I have decided that they won't so I just keep keeping on!!

Short and sweet this week, guys. Hope to see you all chez vous this next week...
Love and light