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Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Card for a Retirement

Good morning all... been up quite early for me today, working on a retirement card for a friend of Freddie's. They have worked together for more than thirty years, and I felt the moment had to be marked!! There is an evening meal out, tonight, which we shall go to, and that's nice... So here it is...

I lay in bed about 5.15 this morning, waiting for Freddie's clock to go off, and designed it in my mind's eye... Many, many moons ago, I bought some thin wood pieces from a shopping tele - can't honestly remember where or when, but it WAS a long time ago.  I have printed on it before, and such, but never thought of cutting it with dies... Now, if you have been following my blog recently, you will know of my love affair with Vagabond and my passion for the birdcage die!!! Tee hee... well here it is again, this time cut in wood, and looking very different. (Friday's post will also have a cage, but not like this!!)

As you can see here, close up, I cut 3 of the bars to make it seem as if they were broken, and also cut the branch from the bird's legs. He is now on the brink of escape!! Inside,  I wished Phil a "GREAT ESCAPE"!! for his retirement... hope he likes it!!

Closer still, you can see the ickle birdie flapping away as fast as possible!! I am so pleased with that crackle background again... it seems to work for me each time, but I know there are lots of people, especially friends on the Creating Rainbows forum (a super site run by my lovely friend Rainbow Lady, Cynthia) who seem to be having problems getting the effect to work... It's just acrylic paint, dried and a coat of pva glue applied. This glue is NOT dried, but a different colour acrylic paint is painted straight on top.

 I find it often starts to crackle before I even apply the heat... I have tried it with eco paints and adirondaks... I think the problem may lie with the glue layer, but cannot be sure, cos I have not seen what they do... Anyway, it DOES work, as you can see, and gives a great effect. I then used a very stiff, dry brush to add some more distressing using blue patina eco paint, just brushed lightly across the piece. It is shiny, and adds some good highlights to the parts it hits...

And finally, here are the beads at the bottom. I chose some blue, marbled, polymer clay beads I made some time ago. I have used them all now, so need another bout of making, to replenish my stocks!!! Not sure where the cardstock is from... probably Create and Craft!!! It is a fab colour, and textured. I always decorate the backs of my cards.and this one has the small bird from the movers and shapers set, cut from gold mirri and mounted on blue and silver squares.

I really enjoyed making this card - not made a card, specifically, for a long time, so it was fun. I just hope he likes it. As always, I did not include writing on the front, so it could become a mounted picture if Phil  wanted....

Thanks so much for looking and commenting. I do value your opinions and comments...
Love and light


Beryl K said...

Wonderful work Frankie, I am sure this will be treasured
Beryl x

Zoechaos said...

Magical escape, happy retirement to Freddie's colleague may it be a long one filled with fun and laughter. XOXO Zoe

Brenda Brown said...

Great work Frankie and very spooky if you take a look at my contribution for tomorrow's challenge.
Have a good day tomorrow and spend lots - hehe.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Netty said...

This card is terrific Frankie and love the wooden cage with bird escaping. Am sure he will love it. Annette x

Christine said...

A fabulous creation Frankie, I am sure Freddie's colleague will treasure it.
I must persevere with 'crackling', although you sent me instructions, mine refuses to crackle.
Hugs xx